Areas of Expertise

As a Pediatric and Family Chiropractor, I love to help moms and kids to stay healthy and live a happy life! Chiropractic care is built on the philosophy that the body has an intelligence, an ability to self-heal, adapt and regulate to our ever changing environment. Our nervous system is comprised of our brain, spinal cord and a network of nerves. This system is placed inside the bony spine; a series of vertebrae that can (and must) move for optimal function. As a Chiropractor, it is my job to find areas of joint tension and release it with a very specific, gentle and effective “adjustment”. The brain must be able to communicate effectively with all areas of the body. Regular adjustments restore the natural mobility of the spine, optimize the brain-body connection and maximize the body’s ability to do what it was designed to do: heal itself!


Pediatrics: Babies + Kids

With additional education, training and experience in Pediatric Care; this area is what i am truly passionate about. Chiropractic care is gentle, safe and effective for kids of all ages. Regular adjustments ensure the spine and nervous system are functioning at their best for healthy growth + development!


Women’s Health + Pregnancy

From fertility to pregnancy, postpartum and life with kids; Chiropractic helps to keep your spine and nervous system healthy. Through pregnancy, regular Chiropractic adjustments keep you feeling great, align the body for optimal baby positioning in-utero and prepare the pelvis for the birth!


Dance + Sport

The hours of training involved in dance and sport can lead to repetitive strain injuries. Regular Chiropractic care helps to keep the spine mobile and strong. Good body alignment, posture, spine function and muscle balance- helps to prevent injury and maximize performance.