Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care for you and your littles. Through each age and stage of life, whether you feel pain and tension - or you are feeling great— the spine requires regular maintenance and care. Chiropractors are trained in the assessment and care of good spinal health. From childhood to adulthood there are many changes that happen in the body. Assessing body posture, alignment and spinal function provides information as to how the spine and nervous system are functioning. Regular Chiropractic care allows us to address these areas of tension, ideally, before they become chronic injuries. Moms, babies, kids...this is the place for you.

Chiropractic in pregnancy is safe, gentle and effective

Chiropractic in pregnancy is safe, gentle and effective

Women’s Health: Ferility | Pregnancy | Postpartum

From fertility to pregnancy and postpartum; these stages of a woman’s life involve a lot of change! Physical, hormonal and emotional challenges can alter not only the way the body “feels” but also the function of the spine, nervous system and even put extra pressure on our organ systems. Chiropractic care provides support by monitoring, assessing and releasing joint and muscle tension, to restore ideal movement and body function.

In addition to feeling well through pregnancy, Chiropractic care is also a great way to prepare the spine and pelvis for birth. During the birthing process, the pelvis, sacrum and spine must be able to move while the pelvic floor muscles must release. The nervous system is responsible for coordinating everything that happens during labor including uterine contractions, blood flow,muscle activation and relaxation (just to name a few) when needed.

Chiropractic adjustments in are safe, gentle and effective for both mom and baby throughout all stages of pregnancy.


Pediatrics: Baby | Toddler | Child | Teenager

Chiropractic care is so important for our growing babies and kids as they move through each stage of development. As parents, we sometimes think that our kids are invincible, however, the child’s spine takes on stresses and strains just like we do. Monitoring posture, body alignment and movement of the spinal joints- ensures that these stresses, strains and spinal misalignments do not negatively effect growth and development. Some of the common reasons for misalignments in the child’s spine include: tension from in-utero and/or the birthing process, car seats, bumps, falls and in older children: posture when using electronic devices, sports injuries and other accidents.

The spine and nervous system are closely interconnected; therefore spinal tension can have an effect on all other systems of the body, on a neurological basis. Releasing this tension restores proper communication between the brain and the organ systems. Because of this association, parents often see improvements with sleep, digestion, bedwetting, focus/concentration, learning and even mood.

Pediatric Chiropractic adjustments are safe, gentle and effective. A baby will ralways receive a sustained contact pressure hold adjustment. As a child grows we introduce only the amount of force required to effectively move that joint. It is always gentle and comfortable for the child. When needed we use toys or alternative positions to maintain comfort of the child.


Dance + Sport

Chiropractic is a key component to keeping a dancer or athlete’s body moving and functioning optimally . Repetitive stress and strain can build up and lead to both acute and chronic injury. Regular Chiropractic care keeps the spine mobile and strong, allowing the nervous system (master controller of the body) to heal and adapt to training demands. Dance and sport assessments can be performed to evaluate posture, body alignment, spinal function, muscular balance and nervous system control. Chiropractic care can not only keep dancers and athletes pain-free, but prevent injury and maximize performance!