The Wellness Studio

“At The Wellness Studio, it is our mission to inspire our practice members to reconnect with their life’s vitality and achieve their optimum health and wellness potentials. To help attain a new level of vitality we have brought together experts in the field of creating health to improve your life’s experience from good to great! It is our dream to live in a community, a country, a world full of healthier, happier individuals and families.



  • Pediatric Chiropractic:

    • Babies

    • Kids

  • Women’s Health:

    • Fertility

    • Pregnancy

    • Postnatal

  • Family Wellness

  • Sports Chiropractic

    • Myofascial Release

    • Kinesiotaping

    • Exercise Prescription

  • Dance Chiropractic

    • Pointe Readiness Testing

    • Dance Injury Care

  • Posture Correction


To make an appointment contact The Wellness Studio @ 403-228-5433 or email;